Enjoy kaiseki cuisine with the taste of Kiso, an area blessed with abundant nature.

Kaiseki "SHIKISAI"

We serve cuisine that makes the best use of the ingredients only found in Kisoji.
We use ingredients that are the most delicious and in season when you visit us, and cook dishes that are colorful and fragrant and will remain in your heart.
Pass your time in Japan in a lovely way while gazing at the mountains through the window. Kaiseki


Note: The photos are examples. The meal details vary by season.


The Hinokibako no Shirabe is a bento box made of cypress wood with food laid in it.
Please enjoy your breakfast along with the fragrance of cypress.



Our ryokan features the warmth of wood with Japanese-style lacquered tables, wooden baths, and more.

  • Room with Open-air bath (Japanese style room)
    Room with Open-air bath (Japanese style room)
  • Suite Room (Japanese style room)
    Suite Room (Japanese style room)
  • Twin Room
    Twin Room
  • Japanese style room
    Japanese style room


We use a lot of wood in our interior decorating, and there are tatami mats throughout the ryokan.
In our natural hot spring baths, we use wood bath accessories such as the traditional wooden scoop, which are very fitting of a place that produces wood.

Large Bath with a View

Large Bath with a ViewLarge Bath with a View

These traditional wooden scoops are very fitting of a wood-producing region. You can enjoy a relaxing time in our large bath that looks out through a large window on the mountains of Kiso.

Kiso Fukushima Onsen is known for its water filled with calcium and bicarbonate, which is highly praised for its fatigue recovery and skin benefits. It has a neutral water quality, so even people with sensitive skin can enter the hot springs with no problem.

Picture of the facilityA Ryokan Full of the Warmth of Wood


We used plenty of wood in the interior so you can feel the warmth of wood and the quaint atmosphere of Kisoji.
What's more, since our ryokan is uphill with the entrance on the second floor, you can see the beautiful scenery of the town when you look out from the lobby.
Spend your day enjoying the feel of travel and looking out at Kiso's mountains from various points in the ryokan.